Thursday, July 13, 2006

Out with Breatharian and Fruitarian...I am a Meat eater!!

Was jokingly telling a friend how nice if I can satisfy my hunger by just breathing. So said my friend..sure..if I learn /practice the art of what breatharians do. Quite amazed that these people actually exist. Found some info after surfing.. and it seems too new age and holistic for a layman like me.

These people apparently live on sunlight , air and lots of meditation. Some ubiquitous energy assist the breatharian from not consuming any food. Sounds kinda cult-ish and quite wayward to me :P

On 2nd thought...Wouldn't it be sad not able to taste that piece of juicy steak, or sipping coke on a hot sunny day.. or eating that delicious Ben and Jerry's ice cream? I decided not to be a breatharian..give me my fried chicken and chocolates!!

Also decided not be an exclusive fruitarian..I don't mind living on fruits for a day or two to detox my body. Alas! Not for the rest of my life! NOOOOOO.. i need real food ~~!!

This brings me back to my diet.. yeah..haven't embark on that yet
*sheepish grin* slaps forehead*

more on Fruitarian and Breatharian


Anonymous said...

Really interesting article... I am inot new age thinking like meditation and yoga but supplimented with a big dose of normality

Mickell said...

Yes it would be nice if we can live like plants. Just manufacture food using sunlight as in photosynthesis. Too bad, we are human beings and not plants or trees. We have to struggle with gastronomical problems all our lives especially when we grow older ;p

Mickell said...

Not sure if vegeterians are generally healthier than megans. One thing's for sure though, meat-eaters generally seem to have more health problems than vegans. Now i only eat veggies and non-fried fish. Easier to do business, if u catch my drift :)

Eileen. 静 said...

mickell-- yeah..i know..hehee.i have no problem in that area..u know wat i mean :P

i try to eat as much fruits and veggie as i can. But argh..the meat eater in me still crave for meat at the end of the day leh :P