Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A moment..

Had an intriging moment with a good friend recently. We were chatting away in his car when I mentioned about a song that touched my heart and would attempt to sing it the next time I visit the ktv.

Me : " hey, you know, I heard my friend sang this really cool song the other night when I was at the boat quay pub. Can sing it the next time at ktv"

Him: " 无赖 "

Me: " AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! How did you know that's the song i was referring to!?!?!" (hitting his arms many times concurrently)

Him: " I kinda heard your mind saying 无赖 "

I was in awe....

Yeah..coincidence ?? telepathy?? or becoz the title has been in my mind and my friend felt my short waves? hahaahah.. I really dunno. He has never heard of this song by the way, and we have not sang it when we visited ktvs. The mind is indeed amazing...

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