Thursday, June 01, 2006


11.15am 31st May

have always had an indigestion problem..and it's happening now. The stomach must have send some weird signals to my brains..coz am also having a slight headache. Not the nicest feeling. Gonna rest. Will be back..don't miss me too much.


Damn freaking awake.. it's nearly 3am. Have to try getting some sleep after this.
I just remembered I have to take my Final theory driving test. Would be my 2nd time. Failed when I took it about 2 yrs ago :P Just checked the website for the next available date at the Ubi center..10 July. That means I have 6 weeks to prepare for it. See how lah.. kinda lazy to go far. Maybe go the one at Yio chu kang.

Been a few weeks since I last saw Nicole...
Hey Nicky..Godma misses u!!

Blur photo..taken in a moving vehicle :P
ok..must sleep liao... or else gonna get more wrinkles and darker cirles under my eyes
au wiedersehen

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