Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Have became somewhat cynical about friendship. This isn't new. Have experience similar downs when I lost 2 very close girl friends to a fat freak due to a misunderstanding (caused by the fat freak) . My so called girlfriends rather believe what he told them than to hear me out. This took place almost 4 years ago. That was more than 8 yrs of friendship at stake. I knew one of the girls since Pr 5. Goes to show how fragile relationships can be. Nevermind those nights we spend yakking on the phone for hours.. nevermind how intact our friendship was when we went separate ways after sec. school. We managed to stay close despite the odds until the misunderstanding took place.

Linda (if you happen to chance upon this )
I wonder if you still remember those days when we took the same bus to school..the times we spend in the library after lessons..and how much we hated PE . We even worked together..those crazy days at the high court and how the 3 of us celebrated our birthdays every single year..how we poured our hearts out to one another. I hope you are happy and leading a fulfilled and blessed life right now.


Found a long lost friend from SAC days in Friendster recently. I was glad to get reconnected with her. Wrote two mails to her ..the usual pleasentries and how I wanted to catch up. However, I never gotten any replies. Of course I know it takes two to clap. So ..I respect her wishes of not being friends. Somethings are just meant to be the way it is. Memories. Bitter and sweet.



Eddie said...

sister sister... seems like we really need to get a dog huh?

i also lost a friend recently but i told myself to always look on the bright side of life. =p

Eileen. 静 said...

told u we need a dog.. they make better friends awhahaahah