Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Miss ah....can you help me....

How many times have you been stopped in your tracks to have a stranger asking you for directions or asking you for bus information at the bus stop? I get stop at least a few times a week. Infact..there was once I felt like I was a bus stop customer service girl. 3 persons consecutively asked me for bus directions. How do one choose among those at the bus stop? If it's me..i would opt for the one that is pleasant looking and approachable. I guess that's how I appear to those who ask me for help. Hehehe..

Many a times I have helped aunties and uncles at the supermarket. Of coz not help to pick out the freshest fruits..i know nuts about fresh fruits :P I only know how to eat them . They need help with the prices or they wanna know where they can find some products. Seriously.. I should wear a sign that says "information counter".

Was browsing at Watsons yesterday when a lady in her 50s tapped me on my shoulders asking :"miss ah..is this Watsons?". I tried not to look shocked..and answered her.."yeah..this is Wastons" . She went on muttering about how she just walked right in..didn't know what shop it was :P

And that sparked off another "miss ah can u help me" session at Watsons Toa Payoh. Next in line was this uncle in his 40s wanting to know the time and where can he find the bookstore Popular. So I gave him some directions. While standing in line to pay for my purchases, the same blur "is this watsons' auntie came asking me to check the expiry date on a box of Panadol :P And before I can step out of the store..a young lady ask if I know where is the nearest washroom +_^

Hahahah..you know..i would be darn rich if someone were to give me a dollar everytime someone ask me for such help :P

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