Thursday, May 25, 2006

^_* 又再一次吃翡翠

Oh no...Should I restrain myself? It's the time of the year how?? Great Singapore sales lor. There will be midnight sales for the next few weekends at most major shopping centers. There goes the progress package :P

Went for my usual gamelan practice this evening and adjourned to Holland v. Crystal jade kitchen for late dinner with Ed and Alicia.

*Alicia looking bored..must be the hunger pangs :P*
This is fast becoming a bad habit of mine. Eating at odd hours. *Kicks myself*
Had my fav. century egg porridge and dimsum..

I love the har kau *prawn dumplings*. The greenish dumplings are actually watercress and meat dumplings. Kinda unusual. Tasty :)

The food should be digested by now. Time to hit the sack..


Jerome said...

I'm kind of hungry now.

Eileen. 静 said...

hehehe..its lunch time!! go pig out.