Monday, May 22, 2006

I am proud to be a Chinese and Asian

its 11.35 pm now.
I am wondering if i have over reacted on the above incident.
The thing is..I am okay with what ever comment anyone has to my blog, my photos, or even how i look like. But is there a need to bring race into this?
Here is the particular entry that sparked off that ang moh to make the comment on my name.

Why do some westerners have this 'i am the better human race' attitude? Arn't we all humans? Unless you tell me westerners can magicially prolong their lifes and be immortals ...other wise.. we are all humans. I guess it just goes to show how low he goes to bring his status up. *blah!*

It was a harmless post on how some people pronouce Eileen. I apologise to those who found the below entry offensive. Believe me...I never thought I would write like that..just that my emotions got the better of me. And I have to bring my point across. I understand this being a public platform..i am bound to have negative comments..bring it on by all means..but don't try to label my race or my identity


Philip said...

Yo Eileen,

Don't get upset about this matter. The world is filled with all sorts of clowns and that "white" is no exception. I have met a few of them before local and abroad and have put them in their place.
As an Indian, I find nothing wrong with your name nor of any wrong doing on your part.

Chin up and keep smiling.

Eileen. 静 said...

thank you Philip for your kind words :)