Friday, May 05, 2006


Caught MI:III early this morning..12.40am at orchard cine. I was pretty happy when I knew Keri Russell had a role in this billion dollar movie. I like her since the days of "Felicity". I could relate to her role in that drama. Anyway, it was good exposure for her this time ,though she had very little screen time. Maggie Q looks good in her role but she looks kinda old..and i like Michelle Monaghan who acted as Tom's love interest :) The movie didn't failed me..with wow factors such as some of the stunts and the fact it was shot in a few countries across the continents. However, as with most action pack movies, they tried to pack too many stuff into a 3 hour movie.

oh..Here's a trivia about Keri Russell and Michelle Monaghan..they shared the same birthday!! :} (23 March 1976)


Jerome said...

Would you recommend this movie ?

Eileen. 静 said...

jerome...i would actually...but watch if u like fast action ..

pretty babes... action pack..a movie that doesn't really require much thinkin. just watch and thats it kinda movie :P

one thing --it's 3 bring a jacket :)