Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Singapore Super Stars ala Politcs Version

These are the two parties contesting in the GRC that i reside at.
Who will get my vote? Should i go for the incumbent party? Or should I give the opp. a chance?
Should i vote for the white ones or the star??

Does looks play a part when it comes to political voting? There are more good looking and younger new comers to the political scene this time round..and most have both the looks and the brains. We do not know them personally, but no one is gonna deny that they look good on print

So will u vote based on crediblity or just becoz someone is handsome, sweet or motherly hehehe...(or will you choose not to vote for the party becoz they look kinda 'unker'??)

ok.. i know this is another silly entry heeheh.

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