Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mulit entry...Sushi tei..midnite carwash..Election!!

Had lunch at Sushi Tei Raffles City this afternoon with a friend.

I love the entrance of this sushi tei. It's designed like a fashion runway .It tries to transport the customers into another realm.

Notice the raised platform?
hehee..can sashay in the restaurant like a model :P

There is a water feature at the entrance..nice warm dim lightings

They have the usual tables by the conveyer belt..and also some rather cosy round tables!! It kinda separates you from the rest. Lots of nylon strings cascading down and surrounds the round u some privacy and yet allows u access to the 'outside' world

Gonna tell my galfrens about this new outlet...I was too engross with the decor of the place that i forgot to snap my food :P


Another late night on Thursday. Last minute decision to "sneak" into JB at 12mn. Friend had his car washed and polished at the stretch of carwash ..rather popular amoung Sporeans. Sat at the roadside coffeeshop eating and chatting while waiting for the car. I found it quite relaxing. home around 4 am.

Hey--it's 06 05 06
Don't forget to vote!!

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