Wednesday, March 29, 2006

E-leen or I-leen, I am still ME

Sometimes when I introduce myself to new friends, or when I am asked my name, some of these people would go..Oh! You have a song, "Come on Eileen". -_-"''''

Frankly, I really don't like that song. And the Eileen is pronounced as I-leen in the song. My Eileen is Eileen with the in E-leen Yeah, some friends tell me the so called correct pronunciation should be silent E *I-leen*. But since day one few decades ago,(when my aunt gave me this name) I have been called and answering to EEileen :P

Sounds odd at times when some friends or doctors call me by I-leen. Of coz I still respond to that.

It wasn't until 2 yrs ago that I had "Eileen" added to my IC. It wasn't in my birthcert then. Seems that my mum delibrately left it out. *shrugs* I dunno why either.

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