Sunday, May 28, 2006

Food and mahjong weekend

Wow..woke up this morning to a lovely weather. Raining! Great to snuggle in bed :)
Yeah, just realised been a few days since I blog -_-"" So here's what I have been up to lately

Friday 26 May 06
Tampopo @ Meidi-ya Liang court
Tel: 63383186
With Edwin and Alica

Been wanting to try the ramen as it was featured in the top 10 must try ramen in Life straits times 2 mths back. * I did mention that I'm gonna try all far ..3 hehe * This little restraunt is in a corner of Meidi-ya supermarket. It is a popular diner with locals and japaneses. Though you may have to queue to get a table during the peak dinner time, the wait isn't that long..We waited for about 8 mins :)

From the top left--*shabu shabu black pig ramen* +tofu salad+
*eel and steam eggs* +shoyu ramen +

The shabu shabu ramen is the star ramen of Tampopo.. what's so special about the noodles u asked? The meat used are imported from US..thin slices of Berkshire pork ..also known as black pig :P The pork bone soup base is brewed for 2 days and the korean chilli flakes really complimented the soup and ramen. I finished the whole bowl *_*

As for the shoyu ramen.. the soup's clear and light..with a tinge of soya sauce taste to it. This ramen is good for those who doesn't take spicy stuff .

*this is how the black pig looks like *

Shopped around the supermarket after dinner and we bought this evilish looking tibit!! hahaha.. i love jap food packaging! Oh..have not tried it i don't know how spicy is it..but judging from how evil that chili looks, I guess it could be quite hot.


Menotti Raffles City

As it was still pretty early after dinner, Ed suggested having dessert at Menotti. *gosh i feel fat even while writing this * It was quite crowded at Menotti's that night and *humph!* we were allocated the table next to the loo. -_-"" It wasn't too bad..just that I didn't like the fact that people have to walk pass us to get to the loo. As usual..we started posing :P

argh..I seemed to have deleted two pictures of the dessert we here's one of the 3 desserts we ordered .

*my makan friends*

*signature glass in hand pose* :P


Saturday 27 may 06

We had a mahjong tutorial session with Ed.. Been wanting to really learn how to play..I know the basic stuff about the game but really clueless about the counting of points . We couldn't get another 4th person to play..hence Edwin had to stand in for the 4th person for that
afternoon .

*pyschotic grin*

*almost got this hand...*

Weather's great for napping this sunday afternoon..
ciao ......zzzzzzzzzzz 

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