Friday, May 19, 2017

Quaity classy Chinese Cusine at Song Garden Song 颂苑

We are always in search of good Chinese cuisines and there can never be enough of them in our little island. Recently , we were treated to a elegantly presented and satisfying meal at Song Garden located at the 2nd level of Mercure Singapore Bugis Hotel. Taking up almost the entire 2nd level, Song Garden is decked in refined Chinese fittings and some of the walls are dressed in lovely paintings. High ceiling dinning area with lots of natural lighting in the day makes it bright and cheery to dine in. There are 7 private dinning rooms and one of them has a table that seats up to 25 pax !

Cosy set up for 2-3 pax 

Classy setting with curtains drawn in the evening
Wish I had a better picture of the big table !
This is the pte room that seats 25 pax . The lazy susan
is remote controlled ! How cool is that :)

Signature Roast Chicken on Bed of Beancurd Skin
 ($25++ half bird/ $50 whole bird)

This is a rather unique dish ! 

 The portion here is actually
roasted chicken skin( stretched and roasted to crispy perfection )
 with minced chicken meat . I almost thought it was peking duck or suckling pig :D
Best eaten with a slice of homemade pancake ( white pieces above ) and 
slather with some sweet sauce and lots of spring onions and beancurd skin  

Mentaiko Cod Fillet ($19.80++ per person)
One of my imagine a coating 
of menaiko atop the cod fillet.. heavently! 
Not only that, there is also dollop of caviar for a hint of saltiness

Braised Pre-Seared Vermicelli with Shredded Fish in Silken Egg White ($24++)
This tasted like what mothers will cook ..but better ! 
Somewhat looking like a risotto but is actually vermicelli. The bee hoon 
have been pan seared then braised with egg white and 
generous slivers of cod and a raw egg yolk for added richness.

good to the last strand ! nicely coated with the gravey

Chilled Five-Spice Foie Gras with Blueberry Compote ($26.80++ per serving)
Never thought that Foie Gras can be paired with a fruity compote ! 
Being a foie gras lover, I enjoyed this flavored Foie Gras very much.
The compote is a good balance with the strong flavored and rich liver. 

Apart from all the delicious dishes above, Song Garden also 
serves a creamy and delectable soup. It was one of 
the highlights of our dinner that evening. 

Lobster with Pumpkin Purée in hot stone pot ( $28++ per person)
Served bubbling in a hot stone pot is this golden broth that is made up of lobster
 stock and thickened with shark cartilage and fish maw – both of which have 
dissolved after being slow cooked for 12 – 14 hours. 

Lamb Rack Stuffed with Diced Fish in feather light batter ($22++ per pax)
(This presetnation was for 6 pax )
This is the first time I had lamb rack that came with stuffing !
It is quite a treat I must say :) Lamb is tender and the stuffing makes it special 

Last but not least, we had a cooling fruity bowl for dessert 

With temperature at a scorching 31 degree C these days , this pretty and colorful bowl of fruity dessert is much desired for ! Besides the dragon fruit bowl 

with mango and strawberries , there's also almond jelly ,

 mango pudding and osmanthus jelly . Good as a last item for dinner :) 

I reckon i will be back for the dim sum ! 
There are 30 types in all to choose from 

Song Garden Chinese Restaurant 
Mercure Singapore Bugis
122 Middle Road, #0201
Singapore 188973
Tel: +65 6521 9299

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