Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Tohs visited Ice Cream Skool

There are more and more cafes and dessert speciality stores that have taken up shop in the heartlands in recent years, and also equally many that only managed to stay for a short period of time due to competition , There has to be a special selling point for these cafes to remind in the game .

 One such café who managed to capture the taste buds of the heartlanders and foodies is located in Tampines.


With a cute wall filled with cut out of steps to making ice cream to a white brick wall plus a wall for phototaking , this dessert cafe in Tampines offers more than just freshly made gelato. Think pastas , chicken in a waffle, and waffles with gelato

 Ice Cream Skool is situated near to schools and the housing estate, serving affordable hot meals and homemade gelato . The friendly lady owners hope to share that joy of having desserts with everyone around them. Besides dishing out gelatos , they also conduct gelato making workshops and corporate events.

Thanks to Hazel, we visited the Ice Cream Skool few weeks ago and tried out some of their best sellers  and new items on the menu.

New item

The friendly owners recently introduced this DIY { Everydae Sundae ) $6.90 . You get to choose 3 ice cream flavors, 1 base ( ours is their special Earl Grey jelly ! ) and 3 mix in ( we chose nata de coco, granola and oreo ) . We certainly had a hard time choosing our ice cream choices ! After much deliberation , it was Salted egg , Pistachio and Dark Choc . Personally we felt that the visual look is good but it would be better if the Earl Grey jelly isn't stuck at the bottom . Try not to choose too strong a flavour for your ice cream or else you cannot really taste much of the jelly.

Best Sellers

We tried two of their savoury hot favorites.
 This is the Tom Yam Pasta. 
May not have that sour kick to it but overall
 generous portion for $8.90 and comes with several prawns
We love the spiciness of it :)

If pasta is not your thing, then how about { Chicken Waffles } $4.90
Crispy waffles with the chicken "kiap'' in between 
It's really one of a kind as we have never eaten something 
like this before ! Two skewers are there for ease of eating as 
you can have this take away too.

Here's how it looks like "inside" 

 Now it's time for the sweet dessert waffles !!Most places do their waffles with one texture. But at this cafe, different flavours of waffles also meant different texture ! Choose from 5 flavours - Matcha , Butter Chip, Buttermilk , Double Chocolate and Sweet Berries . Prices range from $3.50-4.20( without ice cream ) .
Top up your waffles with those delicious homemade gelato ! 

 We had the Matcha crispy waffles with  Yami Azuki geleto. Waffles remained its crispiness even after we had taken pics of it and the yam gelato with red beans goes well with the matcha waffles ~ 


Generally we enjoyed the food served at this cute cafe. But there is room for improvmet.
For instance, some of the ice cream flavors need to be more intense as we felt that  the taste of some do not really hit a note with us.

 Kudos to the ladies for always having new ideas and coming up with fun flavours such as kopi, salted egg gelato and the blue bubblegum flavor which is a hit with children !

Ice Cream Skool
Address: Block 445, Tampines Street 42,
Singapore 520445
Opening Hours: 12:00PM – 9:30AM (Closed on Sunday)

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