Friday, January 22, 2016

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) facial at Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetic Laser Center

Greetings my friends ! It has been awhile since my last entry and my apolgoies as I have been tied up with family issues as well as my recent move to our new apartment.

Due to my busy schedule and the lack of sleep, it has certainly showed up on my face. So recently, I had the chance to try out the Methode Physiodermie Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) facial at Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetic & Laser Centre.

Methode Physiodermie products are used solely for this massage. This  Swiss brand of products are made of natural ingredients from the highest quality sourced and have high concentration of essentials oils that are beneficial to our bodies and skin.

The certified therapist would decide on the blends of essential oils and come out with something that is suitable for each individual during the massage. It is customized to your skin condition .

Treatment room
Here's the room where the treatment will be done
Love how spacious and bright it is :) 

Methode Physiodermie products
Snapped a selfie while waiting for the therapist :) 

Procedures to the treatment

After changing into a pink tube gown, I was made to lie down on the facial /massage bed and
the friendly and skillful therapist proceeded to prepare my face for the treatment 

1-- Deep cleansing milk
This is to remove the light makeup and impurities on my face. It is gentle enough for the eye area and does not dry our skin.

2-- Application of the Stablization Lotion pH Balancing  . This is good for the skin as it helps to boost the penetration of the active ingredients. It also soothes and balances the skin with the active plant extract 

3-- Soft face Biopeeling . This helps to get rid of dead cells on the skin as well as promoting
cell renewal process
That's really me ..doing the soft face biopeeling..
a little creepy this !

A specific double action (enzymatic) exfoliating gel that helps to eliminate dead cells facilitates the cellular renewal process and, at the same time, oxygenates the skin. That in turns makes me look younger and more refresh !

4-- Extraction
Quite self explanatory about this step. Thanks to the experienced therapist, this process went by pretty well. I usually fear extraction ! and thanks to all the above steps, it did make the extraction a painless one! 

5--Compress + PH Lotion + CN
6--Bioarome + Treatment Emulsion Hydro Sensitive Emulsion + VD + FL One Drop:
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)
Now my skin needs some attention after the extraction to treat issues like dehydration and perhaps some redness concern. I was given a sheet mask that has PH Lotion and Soothing Bioarome mixed with Concentrate Hydro-Tonifying  The PH Lotion brings my face back to the right PH level and the mask also helps to give me a radiant compexion and firms the tissues while repairing sun damage !

another selfie before applying of the mask


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

 The therapist started with the massage with slow rhythmic light pressure on the skin. There are certain points where she would apply pressure upon and the movements are always light . I was really relaxed at this point and even fell asleep for a short while :) 

It is not a deep massage. If it is too deep it won’t work because it flattens the small lymph vessels so that the fluid can’t drain. The movements are slow and rhythmic so the lymph vessels open up.

I would recommend this facial massage as I truly find it relaxing and very comforting . The whole treatment was done in a very professional manner unlike some salons . My therapist Samantha is also friendly and well trained and offered good skin advise as well.

Here's me sans makeup after the facial
I actually went out without make up and
never  felt better !

Here's me and Dr Ben after my treatment  :)
The results of the massage is quite apparent on my face and some friends
even ask if I used new makeup :) I can see that my fine lines were slightly reduced
and I felt a healthy glow !
Do give the clinic a ring to find out more !
Dr Benjamin Yim Aesthetic & Laser Centre
583 Orchard Road
#06-04 Forum
Singapore 238884
Tel: +65 6737 9181

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