Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Taking good care of ourslves with V-Mina

Ladies,  I am sure there are days when you feel uncomfortable at the delicate parts of your body. 
It could be due to the hormone imbalance, or the clothes we wear , such as skinny jeans and tight pants, as well as before and after our menstruation. Recently, I was introduced to V-Mina, a brand of  feminine hygiene products that are suitable for all stages of a female's life .

Some feminine hygiene products may contain harsh cleansing agents like SLES/SLS/ALS which are commonly used as the active ingredients in most body cleansers. The vagina being a delicate part , doesn't require such chemicals as they strip away the body's epidermis protective layer of the V-Area, which may affect its long term pH level and micro-flora balancing mechanism because that protective layer is the place where good micro-flora exist. 

On the other hand, what is good for us are products that are suitable to our V area that may sometimes be prone to irritations and itch . It is important to make sure that the products we use for the area  has a balance pH at 4.0, clinically proven to improve the V-Area pH to the ideal 3.8-4.2 range.

V-Mina is clinically proven in:

1. Non-Irritancy, safe for daily use.
– V-Mina passed the sensitivity test. No irritation/stinging sensation. It is safe for daily use.

2. Improving Beneficial Micro-Flora Balance.
– V-Mina naturally eliminates harmful micro-organisms.

3. Improving V-Area to the healthy and ideal pH range 3.8-4.2.

 Let's take a look at the products :)

From cleanser to lightening gel to a mist plus cleansing wipes,
these products will keep your V area healthy,  clean and fresh !

This is the Cleansing Mousse( $23.50)  .Unlike some other brands, V-Mina's cleansing mousse is enriched with Tea Tree Extract for natural disinfectant benefit. It also has Aloe Vera that helps to soften and hydrate the V-Area.

Mousse texture
Apply to the delicate area and rinse off gently.

Lightening Intimate Gel ( $15.00)
This gel is able to improve the V area to a shade lighter. Our initmate areas are generally darker due to pigmentation. This gel contains Hyaluronic Acid for the youthfulness of the V-Area..There are also natural extracts of these ingredients for the fairer tone – mulberry root, saxifrage, grape & scutellaria root.

Transparent  gel 

Quite easily absorbed into the skin

I have heard of how some girls do have some unpleasent odor from 
the southern region, especially so during menses. 
This Deodorant Intimate Mist ($13.50)  is able to keep the odor at bay 
and preventing growth of bad micro-organisms and keeping the pH in the ideal range.

This Cleansing Wipes ($10.00) comes in handy after toliet usage and also 
during menstruation

You must be wondering where to purchase these products :)

V-Mina range of products are exclusively sold on this website


Remember to use products that are meant for our V areas and
as the area is very delicate, there is no need to use too much strength when cleansing
Oh and stop using body washes and soaps as they do contain harsh chemicals .
Stay healthy and happy !
Read all about V-Mina and the products at their website


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