Saturday, September 12, 2015

Well priced Brunch at FYR Cycene Ond Drinc

Waking up late over the weekends and enjoying brunch is certainly more than just having Egg Benedict at the cafes . It is somethings difficult to find a restaurant that offers more than the usual .

I was pretty happy to be introduced to FYR Cycene Ond Drinc's new brunch menu recently. Located in the heart of the CBD ( Telok Ayer area ) , FYR is a causal restaurant that uses Josper Wood Charcoal Oven to cook their dishes. Lychee wood is also used to infuse the food for that smokey note .
Let's start off with some drinks shall we?

Every glass here simply looks refreshing !
Great for our hot sunny island . 
left to right : {  Light My Fire }$10  { Orange Juice } $4.50
{ Ginger Lemongrass }$4.50 { Honey Lemonade } $4.50
Drink prices are really reasonable here !

While waiting for our mains to arrive, we munched on these 
crispy , highly addictive { Yam and Sweet Potato Fries } $8 
Thumbs up for the dips too! Fries remained crispy even after an hour ~ 

Words can't describe how tasty this pot of { Skillet roasted Escargot} $12 are !
Nice hint of tumeric and lemongrass , these snails are simply gratifiying and 
soak those bread into the sauce ! Heavenly :D

Another snack that you can order for sharing is 
the { Grilled Squid } $12. It comes with some thinly sliced fried onion . 
I just can't stop eating those!  Squid is nicely mixed with tumeric, garlic and 
lime leaves. Drizzle the lime over the squid to bring out the seafood sweetness !

{ Baked Beef Hash } $18 
who loves corned beef n potato ? I know I do !
We enjoyed this brunch dish with some spring onion crepe . 
Mix the egg all in and enjoy!

Here's a shot of the spring onion crepe

This is the { Baked Java Curry Chicken Ragout }$15
Quite a mouthful hahaa. This dish has kidney beans and
navy beans ( same as those in baked beans ) 
I guess this dish will appeal to those who likes beans in general. 

Perhaps you may like to have some steak for brunch 
{ Grilled Steak and Eggs}$28 is quite self explanatory
from the name of this dish. It is the priciest brunch mains in the menu.  
I wouldn't recommend this to you ..unless you really need your steak that day . 

This enticing { Baked Blinis } $15 is totally worth your buck! 
A popular dish in Europe, Blinis is a pancake made with yeas-ted butter
Comes served with salmon, egg and topped with roe and caviar !
What more can you ask for at $15 ??

Enjoy  !

FYR Brunch Menu is available every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 3.30pm


19 Boon Tat Street,
Singapore (069619)

Opening Hours :

Mon- Fri : 11am -11 pm
Saturday : 9am - 11pm
Sunday: 9am -4pm

Facebook :

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