Thursday, March 12, 2015

The one at Eh He Cafe ( JB )

Greetings earthlings  :) It has sure been a while since I last updated my blog . So the Lunar New Year came and went in a blink ! Were you as surprised as me as to how quiet this Lunar New Year seemed ? Or perhaps it could be just me .

Way before all the festivities,  some of my foodie friends and I went over the causeway for some coffee :) The cafe scene in Johore Bahru certainly has amazed me ! It is bustling with life and many foodies I know have already hopped over there for their fair share of coffees, cakes and brunch sets.

Thanks to my well informed friends, we landed at Eh He Cafe at Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk. What a strange name for a cafe you may think. Eh He is not just a cafe, it is also an art space.  Eh He is a play on the words Earth Heart. Both words has art in it, so if you removed art from the words, they become Eh He.

Comprising of a few shop houses, Eh He has managed to retain some of the old features of the premise and injected their own touch to the space. It was formerly a textile shop. It is kinda sad to see such places going into history yet at the same time am glad that the younger generation has taken a keen interest in keeping the heritage and culture intact .  

There are two different entrances, one at the heritage walk,leading to the art space and the other , facing the main road will bring you straight to the cafe. 

Main cafe entrance ! Wouldn't you be attracted to go in by those colors!?

Took this at the art space..there was an opera related art installation plus
exhbit of items from yester years going on 
when we were there for the first time.

 My foodie friend taking a pic with the 百纳被 ( blanket)
as the backdrop :)

Here are some shots of the cafe itself 
Am loving the usage of wood! 
And can I just say that the space is big! :) 

and on the other side, there is a mural wall .. lovingly hand drawn 

Check out that wall!

 Whimsical and dreamy ! The artist took about 2 weeks to complete .
It has alot of small details and you need to be there to see it for yourself :)

At the time when we were there  ( mid February '15)
some of the coffees were not avaible.
The staff is friendly and took time to explain to us what is the 
story behind each and every of the star coffees and beverages in the cafe . 

They do have some dessert offerings but we only 
tried one which is this waffles below.

Served with cream, this seseme seed waffle is not like those we get 
in Singapore. This one is pretty crunchy and crispy
and still tasted good after couple of thanks to our 
photo taking LOL ! A bit more of the syrup would be welcoming

Here comes the drinks we tried.

First star coffee is the 陈旭年咖啡( Tan Hiok Nee)
As I mentioned earlier, each coffee here has an unqiue story behind it :) 
It's presentation is impressive..nothing of such has been done before..

How to drink this coffee you ask? hehhee 
 吃一口cream, 咬一口orange peel.. 再吸一口咖啡
Have some of the cream, followed by a bite of the orange peel,
and you take a sip of the coffee thru your teeth ! 
That is the way to enjoy this cuppa! 

This pretty glass has a 梦幻name to it 
I guess we can call it +Meng's dreamy world +
Listen carefully to this drink..yes listen! 
Those red bits in the drink are the popping candy that kids love to eat 
There is the crackling of the candy from the reaction of soda! 

Really in love with the color and sweet taste plus
 the fun injection of popping candies !

Wooden beams, plants and sunray ! Love this scene :)
 This particular cuppa has a combination of 5 types of coffee beans from 5 different countries~

I really enjoyed the time spent at this cafe. 
Been there twice already and I do foresee going back again !

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