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The one who loves Sync Korean Fusion Bistro

+warning: photo intensive+

Does the follow terms make any sense to you? If you know what does saranghae, oppa , aigoo, ajumma means...then I can safely say that you are a K Drama fan. You should be very familiar with terms such as jiajangmyeon , topokki , japchae and bibimbap!

Many of my friends around me have been bitten by the Korean bug.. from K pop to K drama and of course to K food ! Korean food like Korean dramas are somethings that we can't live without in this day and age.

So yes, I can't live without my Korean food, so I am here to share with you about a new Korean cafe that serves pretty decent fusion korean food ! Don't say I bo jio you hor~ :)

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro is located in the popular Westgate Mall. Located on the third floor, Sync has two different dinning area, one is a informal al fresco setting, and the other is a cosy cafe setting.

Entrance to the bistro

Nice informal al fresco seating

This cafe has areas where you can be kept entertained 
with Samsung's gadgets as you take a break from all 
the delicious food .

 Here's Wei ting, my plus one for the evening , checking out 
Samsung's gadget corner

Worry that your kids will be bored? 
Don't fret! There is also a kids' corner
powered with Samsung's tablets for kids!

So cute isn't it!

Parents can dine in peace while the kids 
entertain themselves with the games :)

You can upload your food pics as you eat..
there is free wifi! and ooh..no service charge!

Big table to cater to large grps :)

Place your orders via a Samsung tablet! 
Saves times and great usage of technology I say!
No need to fret if the staff are busy to serve you :) 


Ok, let's get down to business!
Time to bring out the food ! :D

Super love this pic! I like the contrast ..
Pity we changed seats after this LOL! 
I had the ice yuzu drink , while Wei ting had the hot version.

I am sure you have eaten Topokki (Korean rice cakes) before..
but don't you find it rather boring just eating rice cakes alone? 

At Sync, the rice cakes are not boring at all! 
They are accompanied by fried bacon bits and soft boiled egg! 
The spring onions add on to the color and taste as well!

Here's another look at the special Topokki with fried bacon & egg $7.90

Thanks to "You Who Came From the Stars"
for making chicken wings such a hip and trendy food! 
These Korean chicken wings ( $6.90 for 3) are slightly spicy
 and so so finger licking good!
(I was licking my fingers ..#truestory)
I am sure they go hand in hand with beer!!

How many times have you seen your fav.korean lead mixing and 
eating 炸酱面 jiajangmyeon? $12.90
The black bean sauce noodles at Sync comes with 
diced meat and pickled veggies combined with a sweet sauce. 
Personally I found this dish too overly saccharine for my taste buds. 
Perhaps this may interest those of you who loves sweet stuff :) 
* don't quite like the reflective steel bowl..lol..quite 
a challenge when it comes to photo taking :P *

I must say this mixture of noodles, dumplings, sausages and veggie 
interest me the most after the chicken wings  ! 
This is fondly called the K Pot Stew $14.90
Best eaten hot! The broth is nice..but I love my stew spicier!! 
Pair it with some of Sync's very own soju infused cocktails!~ 

Jap Chae with Beef $11.90
Jap chae literally means a mixture of veggies
you can add $2.50 for a portion of beef to go with the glass noodles and veg :)

Oh gosh..I almost forgot my other fav. side dish.. 
Cheese fries with Kimchee $6.90

Who would have thought that cheese fries with diced kimchee can taste so so so good!? 
You may think that the taste buds would reject this strange marriage 
but TRUST ME! Everyone at the table was reaching out for this. 
The kimchee seem to offset the coy cheese taste
 and adds on some crunch to the fries :) 

Here's the staple Bibimbap $12.90 for rice lovers 
Mix the sesame oil and sauce throughly with the veggies  . 
What is special here is the soft boiled eggs..

Give it a good stir !
This dish somehow is abit lackluster ..
Taste wise it's just pretty normal.. Order this if 
you must eat rice :) 


The following pics are gonna cause major 
cravings ..so please be prepared.. 

Presenting Sync's Matcha Lava Cake served with ice cream!!  $7.90

They have two other flavors : White chocolate taro &  Red bean 

These are quite out of the world! 
We enjoyed watching them flow.. and 
all cameras were on them !

The Matcha lava cake is such an eye candy ...
great for those who loves their dessert rich and creamy!

This is my fav. of all three :D
Red Bean Lava cake..
Always been a red bean fan!

* didn't take the a close up of the white choco taro  one .
 but I guess you know how it will look by now :) 

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro would be a good reason for me to travel all the way from the east to the west for!  Do drop by for some munchies if you are tired from all the shopping at the many many malls in this area! 

Address: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #03-01 Singapore 608532
Tel: 6369 9913

Facebook: www.facebook.com/syncbistro

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