Sunday, September 21, 2014

Proud to be Teochew - 新加坡潮州节

Hello ~! Wa si Teochew nang! 

Do you know what does that means? It means I am a Teochew. I don't mean to be a disappointment, but I do not know much about my dialect group nor which part of the Teochew districts (in Guangdong ) my forefathers came frome :P

I also have very limited knowledge of the dialect itself ,  hardly speaks it and barely know how to speak Teochew.* head hangs low* Not much of a Teochew I know !! There are many like me out there who really don't know much about the culture .

Come 25th Sept Thursday, you and I can get to know more about our roots and culture !

Head down to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza for The Teochew Festival - Teochew Me & You 2014

“The Teochew Festival is organised in conjunction with the Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan’s grand 85th anniversary celebrations in Singapore”

“The tagline for this festival broadly translates as ‘We are One Teochew Family’ and the logo is an artistic rendition of a distinctive Teochew snack – the ‘png kueh’ or rice cake. Eight ‘png kueh’ are strategically interlinked in a circle to symbolise harmony, community, union and family ties.”

I like how they use the png kueh as the logo! Food really binds a family together don't you think so?
And the tagline is Teochew is " Teochew nang, ka ki nang" really resonates with me. An elderly ex colleague of Teochew descent always spoke to me in Teochew once he found out that I am Teochew as well. It kinda breaks the ice and makes the work setting less formal :)
"The Teochew Festival would be the first time that the Huay Kuan has organised a festival showcasing Teochew culture on such a large scale. The Huay Kuan hopes to give the public a vivid representation of Teochews through enlightening glimpses into their daily lives, and to a larger extent also highlight an important aspect of Singaporean Chinese culture."

Do head down to this festival after you are done with your lunch or hi tea in town. There will be more than 20 vendors at the plaza, offering delectable Teochew delicacies, chef masterclass by renowned connoisseurs, historical artefacts, unique arts performances, cultural showpieces, activities for the young and old .  

More about us Teochews :

"Comprising 20% of Singapore's Chinese population, the Teochews have had a profound influence in the development of Singapore. Prominent pioneers such as Mr Lim Nee Soon, founder of the Huay Kuan were instrumental in the country's early economic growth. They were merchants by trade and also well respected leaders within the community."

Date:  25 Sept - 5 Oct 2014 
Venue : Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza
391 Orchard Road 

Admission Fee : $5

Stored value ticket: $25/$50

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