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Introducing New Brunch Menu @ Hotel Re!

Have you notice the buzz words of late seems to be food related? Hmm.. cafe hopping, brunch, breakfast menu... yeah, all related to food !

 If these words get you excited, then let me introduce the new brunch items at Hotel Re! :)  

*pppssss : One of the brunch item is named after me ^-^ 

Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill launches healthy and nutritious brunch food items, available exclusively on weekends, from 10am to 2pm.

 This new menu, specially crafted by Executive Chef William Ang will be available from 
 6 September 2014, which is this coming weekend! 

All five brunch selections have been endorsed
by different bloggers :)
This is the pink menu, they have two other colors too!

Brunch will be served at Re!Fill cafe which is 
located at  Hotel Re!'s  lobby .

Let me share this good news with you before I bring you the 5 brunch items :) 

Enjoy 50% off brunch items on the first weekend of our launch (6th and 7th Sept) and 20% off brunch items for the subsequent weekends in September. Do bring your family and friends to enjoy this promotion ! 

You can still enjoy a 20% discount after September just by quoting "Eileen'' or any of the names of the other bloggers :) 

Jean’s Classic Breakfast
Enjoy a plate of golden hash brown, chicken sausage, baked beans, 
toasted chef's choice bread & crispy turkey bacon 
plus sauteed portobello mushroom & cherry tomatoes at the side.
* choice of eggs- scrambled, poached or sunny side up * 

Eileens Salmon Bagel
So yes, this is the brunch item endorsed by me :) 
Very apt, as I totally love salmon ! 
All the goodness in a bagel ! --smoked salmon, scrambled eggs,
 grilled tomatoes, mesclun salad all perfectly encrusted in the 
toasted bagel with homemade zesty lemon cream spread

( I normally do not eat bagel! But guess what! I ate this all up!
Totally changed my idea of bagels :)

Cheries Slipper Lobster Croissant
Nothing is short of premium when this delicious croissant is generously filled 
 with a mix of grilled slipper lobster tossed with chopping celery, 
 chive, tomato in Japanese dressing and tobiko.
 Accompanied by truffle fries, this is an irresistible and elevating dish!

Great combi of truffle fries and the slipper lobster croissant :)  
It's quite the IN thing to eat now! 

Daphne’s Egg-citing Benedict
Everyone loves a good Egg Benedict! 

After countless weeks of experimenting and perfecting his recipe, 
Chef William promise that you will be back for more of these poached eggs resting 
 on toasted English muffin base, topped with a generous serving of turkey ham 
 or smoked salmon, sautéed mushroom and grilled baby tomatoes and mesclun salad.

* can't go wrong with egg ben ! Great choice *  

Sharmaine's BeRe!Licious Pancake
Pancakes stack ! Mixed berries and pancakes drizzled
 with chocolate and strawberry sauce.  
You can  also opt for butter and maple syrup for a healthier choice!

( Not a big pancake I didn't quite finish this ) 

*Re!Fill Restaraunt does not serve pork nor use lard in their cooking :) 


Here's a bit more on Hotel Re ! 

Situated at the base of Pearl's Hill , along Chin Swee Road, Hotel Re! is surrounded by lush greenery. It is just a stone's throw from Chinatown, Clark Quay and minutes away from Orchard Road . There are a total of 140 rooms in this 12 storey hotel. Each floor in this boutique hotel has its own color theme and all the rooms on the floor resonates with the designated colour and decor .

 Do you know that the hotel was once the former Pearl's Hill Primary School?

Here's a candid shot of me and Executive Chef William Ang 
Chef Ang has 40 years of culinary experience under his belt and he is also the President of Society of Professional Chef Singapore. Chef Ang has also organzied many record breaking cooking events in Singapore ( ie: Singapore Longest Satay in 2007, Tallest & Biggest Ice Kachang record in 2006 ) He and the hotel has more record breaking events coming up ! Do keep a look out for them :)

It's just 2 days more to the weekend~ You know which brunch to try out now after reading my post don't you  * wink * ^_^  Hotel Re! of course ~! 

Note that brunch is served from 10am -2pm 

Address: Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill
175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169879

Getting Here:
Buses at Chin Swee Road: 174, 174E
Buses at Outram Park MRT: 33, 63, 75, 174, 851, 970, 174E

Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park Mrt Station (EW 16)
Exit B, turn left. Walking signs along the route

Don't fancy walking? 
Fret not~ There is a free shuttle service provided by the hotel. 


Website : Hotel Re!
Facebook : Hotel Re! Facebook

You can check out the below website for more info on the new brunch :) 
Weekend Brunch Promotion 

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