Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cat cafe in Penang, Georgetown

Hubs and I took a short break and flew over to Penang for 4 days a month or so ago. I did my reaserch for places to visit and marked down all the must go coffee joints which friends recommended.

 A special cafe popped up on my radar as I was surfing thru blogs and I knew I just had to go there since it's just a few doors away from the boutique hotel that we were staying at. It is Georgetown's first cat cafe! To think that I have not even been to the one in Singapore :D

It was the first place we visited after settling down and refreshing ourselves at the boutique hotel we were staying at.  The cafe is located in a 2 storey shop house. There is a retail space selling mostly cat related items and clothes plus you place your food order first before ascending to the 2nd level where the cafe and cat room are located at.

Don't say I didn't tell you.... equip yourself with lots of water and it is a must to apply sunscreen !  Weather over in Penang is mad hot! Most cafe joints do not have air conditioning.  Thankfully the cat cafe is air conditioned :P

There are about 8 cats roaming around the cat room and of coz there are house rules to applied . The girl at the counter will inform you about it. Each person has to spend RM18 to enjoy 2 hour stay at the cafe. We got ourselves 1cake  and a chicken pie plus 2 drinks which came up to about RM50 after taxes.

The cafe is decorated with lots of cat items!

Here's us with some cats! 

playing around with them ..

This is one of the naughtiest and prettiest cat in the cafe...
was disturbing it...and see the next pic..

 My shocked face coz the cat snapped at me hahahaha 
wanted to pounce on me...

 just sitting around..

they sure love to lie around ..

I so love the patterns on this cat! 

Keep a look out ..I will be going to the 
cat and dog cafes in Singapore soon ! 

Purrfect cat cafe


Long Chau said...

Lucky! I love cats! My mom won't let me have any though.

Long Chau said...

Lucky! I love cats! My mom won't let me have any pets though. :(