Friday, May 23, 2014

Back at My Awesome Cafe ( night time )

I was back at My Awesome Cafe for the 2nd time with fellow foodie buddy , June. We were there on a week day evening. It was raining and one would thought nah, it wouldn't be that packed. Oh no, we were wrong.

Even though there were seats and tables inside, we chose to sit at the entrance which are the high chairs and tables.

It was a pretty cooling nite..thanks to the rain

We ordered this Brie and ham sandwich ( and a salad)
to share..I didn't quite like the bread 
as it was rather tough to chew on..

and here's the salad 
Chicken and avocado :) and of coz..
drinks to go with it..

We didn't quite expect the crowd to come in even on a rainy evening. It was quite laid back 
and great to chill out... but payment took a tad longer than what I have experienced , perhaps becoz 
it was really crowded.

I will back again with other friends!

Looks kinda romantic at nite 

Read about my first visit here

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