Thursday, April 10, 2014

The one who visited My Awesome Cafe ( day time )

If you have been following certain bloggers on Instagram or
you are into cafe hopping, it wouldn't be a surprise to 
see fellow foodies and food bloggers writing up on this 
quaint new comer along the hip cafe lane in Telok Ayer .

We just had to take a touristy shot at the entrance!

(stupid delivery trolley got in our way )

The cafe occupies the former premise of 
a chinese medical hall. 

I like how they kept the facade of the place.. 

Check this out! 
Ginseng wine? hehehe

These hanging lights are quite the trend these days!

This is the water dispenser !! I like the quirkiness

Twice I have been there..and twice I found service to be okay...
( have read some bad reviews about the service level...
I think it's quite subjective )

Sneaked in a selfie :P
I was joined by two of my cafe kakis 
and we had some food earlier on, 
hence, we could only manage to 
order a coffee each and a salad to share

This is their popular
My Awesome Salad! 
Just can't go wrong with this~ ($15)
There are greens, avocado, chicken, salmon as well as tuna ~
Great for sharing if you are a small eater~

Yummy !!

My kakis and I always love 
giving one another treats! 
Here's our combined treats for one another that day ~ 
( I gave them some home made granola
and a pen each ! )

I like this place so much that 
I went back again ~ 

So yup, here's another shot with my friend, Vivenne :)  
Thanks Bee for taking this pic! 

Read about my 2nd visit here

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