Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eileen eats at SKyve Wine Bistro

So I won myself some dining vouchers at Skyve Wine Bistro sometime ago and we decided to use close to my birthday :) ( yes another long over due post )

I have been to this place before it was Skyve. They were formerly the premise of District 10 that has since relocated. The grounds of this place used to be a school. Some of the classrooms have been transformed to shops and offices :) 

Alex bought this dress for me quite awhile ago and
 finally got to wear it.. :)

informative place mat~
Wonder if it's true?

orchids and me

Passive looking husband
(and I can look at him the whole day.. heheheh :P )
Well, lighting wasn't perfect at where we were seated . 
Here's what Alex had for dinner.. 

Sous Vide Pork
 pork shoulder braised in root beer & spice, savoury crackling skin,
pineapple & pomegranate salsa, plum salt

My dinner
Fresh and healthier choice :P

Shared dessert 
Too pretty to be eaten.. 

Mango & Cheese Semifreddo $12
rippled frozen mousse, frozen lime foam, sablee cookies

Tasted like ice cream but it's not~~ 
Quite special and refreshing :D

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