Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What we ate at District 10

Alex and I have been quite lucky as we have been 
wining 'giveaways' by blogs as well as some online contests

We visited District 10 , a tapas bistro at The Star Vista
for lunch on Valentines Day to use a $30 voucher we won 
 ( hhehee.. yeah, like a month ago ) 

It wasn't my first time at District 10. 
They were originally located at Newton area, 
at an old school ground.  Subsequently, they shifted 
and now has two outlets. 

Here are the pics to the food we ate that afternoon...
Two words described the food
Mediocre, pricey


It was a so so experience.. 
We prob.will not go back 
unless friends suggested this place :) 

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