Monday, February 04, 2013

Year of the Snake - Which red packets do you like??

Are you as excited as me about the upcoming lunar new year? 
One of the highlights of the new year * besides feasting and drinking*
would be getting of red packets for the kids and single adults. 

This year will be the last new year where I will be 
at the receiving end  ! 
I have to start giving ang bao in 2014 :P

Anyway, here are some of the nicer range of red packets 
banks and some financial institutions have to offer


Not as nice as some others, but nevertheless, it is
                   still nicer than some of the ugly ones...                                          

Passable I reckon 

One of my fav..

 So why isn't the pandas one of the animals in 
the 12 horoscope ?

This cute one is from Standard Chartered :)

 How can one resist these from
They are a huge success compared to the more 
traditional ones..

This pretty one is from I12 Katong.

Here comes the snake!! 
Really posh I must say!
It comes in a velvet pouch!

 Front and back 
From Barclays!

ah look! Here's a cuter snake .. This is from caltex :)

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