Sunday, January 27, 2013

Den & Eve's Wedding @ Fullterton Hotel

Date : 19 Jan 2013 

Alex and I attended Christine's younger sister's wedding last Saturday at Fullerton Hotel. It was a lunch event . I love wedding events..they are a good excuse to dress up and also a great way to catch up with friends over a good meal :) 

We paid attention to some details which we wouldn't have in the past as we are in the midst of choosing our own wedding banquet venue. ( It sure is a headache I tell you!) 

Anyway..back to Den and Eve's wedding :)  We were there just in time for the certificate signing ceremony

Enjoy the pics now :) 
Christine and Maria entertained the guests with some song and tunes

Nicole was the flower girl

Nice ballroom

Table decor.. 
( am intending to have fresh flowers for mine too)

That's Dr Phua, the solmoisner whom we 
had in mind too..but he was busy on our 
civil marriage day.

Reciting their vows.. 
Exchanging rings..

Champagne popping!

Maria doing a solo!

Everyone looking good!

 Love this painting we saw at the lobby

 Have a blissful marriage !

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