Monday, December 17, 2012

Highlights of Mr & Mrs Toh's civil marriage ceremony ( ROM )

Well, yes , after years of being in the 'market', I can safely say that I'm officially off the shelves ! I am now married to my sweetheart of almost two years last Saturday, 8/12/12.

We have chosen a tentative date for the Chinese customary wedding, but nothing is fixed yet..and as usual, all will be revealed in due time :) Our civil marriage ceremony aka ROM was attended by family members and a handful of my closest friends :) It was a event filled with laughter :)  Most Chinese elderly wouldn't have considered a couple officially married until they have completed the traditional customary wedding .

I am gonna interrupt my usual blogging with a short message by the groom 

Err....what to say har?
I wanna to thank my father, mother, mil, fil, friends....blab blab get the
Oh...oh..oh...and my wife too!!!! Without her, I can't have a marriage....kekeke
So, we would like to share with everyone the closure of our courtship and the beginning of our married life....

To my wife.... I LOVE YOU!!

Do pardon his nonsensical yet somewhat meaning message :P he is still overwhelmed by the life changing event. 

Why now, don't let us hold you back from viewing our photos from the ceremony lunch are some highlights

 Doing makeup and hair 
in my aunt's room.. 

Mr and Mrs tags made by yours truly.
I didn't want to spend too much money 
on this ROM, so we decided not to 
have any flowers or sashes on the chairs...  

 our wedding bands

 My pretty bouquet...

can you spot my ring?  :)

 Let's begin!
Our fathers were our witnesses that day. 


 With this ring I wed thee.. 

Thats our solonimizer , 
Mr Chia Ting Yu. 
Quite a friendly person and helpful too..
Gave us some tips on how to maintain
a happy marriage.  

The signing moment

 We're legally man and wife!

Taken with family and friends

funny moment

my pretty bouquet  again :)

After the lunch event was over, a couple of friends, my bro and ourselves ajourned to
Scarlet Hotel for our staycation. I invited my friends to pop in to have a look at the place..
I have heard wonderful reviews of the boutique hotel :)

Will write about that in my next entry!

It has been almost 10 days since we have been married..
There isn't much difference honestly , and I kept telling myself, yes, Eileen, you are
\a married woman now.. :D
Well, next up will be the customary yeah, we are in the process of deciding how
many tables and which restaraunts etc for the dinner.

Watch this space for more updates now!

Here's Mrs Toh signing off.. :)

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one again, have a blessed marriage! :D

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