Monday, August 13, 2012

++New chapter! She's engaged++

Well well..what do you know?

He proposed 
I said Yes ! 

 Hold my hand..
let's work towards our new future 


it was no surprise that we would tie the knot..
We have , afterall, applied for the flat..
that sure takes out the fun ..

                                  Still, I had no idea he would kneel down to ask for my hand
on my birthday.. Like what a friend said, what better day than my birthday~
Sure, it beats being asked on ..say.. labour day..or hari raya :P 

With that said, my heart skipped a beat when he told me to close my eyes..
I knew what would be taking place..
It was just so hard to pretend not to know! hahaha 

It was such a fleeting moment..
I had to recapture that moment on camera with an re-enactment ..

Maybe I will share the pics here on another post :)

The ring

Of love and commitment

would you have known that
this was taken with the iphone and a macro lens? 
Thanks to a friend who shot this for me :D

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ice said...

Awwww.... congrats! :)))