Monday, April 16, 2012

Eileen Eats

Eileen eats...

Met up with dear Liz and our friend Ammi about three weeks ago.

Ammi was so sweet! She bought us cupcakes from Twelve cupcakes!
It's actually our first time eating cupcakes from this shop... Yeah, I know, sua koo right? The thing is I am not much of a cupcake fan.. But these cupcakes are really yummy!!

We had coffee at Coffeebeans, that explains the napkins :P 

Miss you my dear Liz..
 candid shot ;} 

Ammi is expecting her 2nd child! 
Let's meet again soon! 

Whats this spread for?
We had a po piah party at Alex's place on Gd Friday~ 

I love wrapping my own po piah!
The key to po piah wrapping is not to 
put too much of everything..and remember to 
squeeze out the 'fluids' from the shredded veg
 Didn't add prawns to mine as am having this
itch on my limbs..

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