Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Me and my dear Mr Toh took a short trip to Bali last wk :)  The orginal place we had in mind was actually Phuket but there weren't any good time slot for the flights on the days we could go away so Bali became our plan B. Both hotel and air tickets were booked during the NATAS fair in early March.

It was our first time in Bali and we chose to roam around free and easy. Technically it wasn't all that easy coz I had to do my research and homework on the places that we can go . I was greedy..I tried to milk as much as I could on the four days we were there. Those places we visited had magnificent views and the sceneries were breathtaking! Though weather was harsh ( think sweating all the time...and long car ride..)  and we did fell into one of the "tourist traps " , it has been a good trip for us! board!

First time for both of us.. on a Garuda plane..
Small plane..only one aisle
Has touch screen entertainment but was laggy..

This was our breakfast in the air 
Our flight departed for Denpasar at 9am 
Glad it was an early flight.

Love the view

We have arrived ~

The guide waited for us and drove us to the hotel. He spoke a splatter of broken English and also
recommended his daily car and guide charges which we found way too expensive . Plus we had such a hard time understanding his English.. so of coz we didn't use his service.

It took us about 20 mins to reach our hotel at Kuta. ( yeah..we didn't do any research when booking the hotel.. we wouldn't have chosen Kuta if possible :P but still it was fun )

We stayed at the Mecure Hotel , just next to Hard Rock Hotel. Here are some pics taken at the hotel

The pool overlooking Kuta beach 

After a nice drink and wash up, we hit the streets and 
managed to get a driver . 
Our first stop was to Tanah lot followed by dinner at Seminkya! 

There are entrance fees to be paid at Tanah Lot.
And you will have to walk thru a market place 
with stalls selling arts and crafts, clothes and 
souvenir  items before reaching the sea and temple. 

 You have to eat the corn when you are 
in Bali! It's nice :D

The top photo shows the Tanah Lot temple behind us..
 The temple is located on a rock just offshore. It is said to be the work of revered 15th century Hindu priest Nirartha and forms an important element of Balinese spirtualism and mythology.

It is high tide when we were there..
so we were not able to walk further out..
You are able to walk out to the temple during low tide..

It was a very cloudy and misty evening..

I was apprehensive about standing at this 
spot for photo taking..haha..

the waves would crash against the rocks and create huge splashes 
I was really worried about getting all drench!

We would have love to stay for sunset..
but looking at the sky at 6.10pm..
we knew the sunset wouldn't be fantastic..
The sun looked as if covered by a misty veil

Others who were waiting for the sunset left as well..


Skies have already turn dark when we reached Potato head at Seminkya for our dinner 
 It was only 7 pm but felt like late night already..

Potato head has three restraunts 
It was already full house when we arrived!

err yeah..we didnt make reservations :P 
So end up having dinner at the day beds by the pool..

Here's Alex's steak..nice! 
( I had pasta but photo turns out quite horribly over expose ) 

We headed back to our hotel after dinner 
and that was the end of day one! 

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