Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Ones who watched Crazy Christmas 2011

On Dec 20, I treated my boy to a session of Crazy Christmas! It is my third year watching them. Can't get enough of Sebestian Tan, who left in a laughing stitch and The Dim Sum Dollies for being their usual cute self! .

Thou it isn't the same without Emma Yong as part of the dollies. It has been such a rollar coaster year for her. I sure hope that she will be able to fight off the cancer with chemo.

On that note..kudos to Denise Tan who was roped in at the last take over Emma. She managed to learn all the dances and songs in such a short time! Kuamr too joined in the fun at Crazy Christmas and he spread the message of safe sex ( coz Crazy Christmas celebrates World Aids Day ) . There was a condom in every copy of the program note..err..yeah! safe sex~ protect yourself ~ :P

The seats I bought us were pretty nicely centered. Alex had a great experience at the Esplande.

Here's two photos taken with Samsung's Galaxy Note  before watching Crazy Christmas
( I had a trial on the phone/ tablet and will be doing a write up on it later)

Dinner at MOF

Wore the H & M polka dot blazer

 Galaxy note front camera 
is only 2 mega pixel ..which explains 
this grainy pic taken in the hall

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