Saturday, December 17, 2011

The One who ate breakfast at 3pm * Wild Honey *

Had late lunch one weekday last wk with 2 of my gal friends.

Let's have some tea shall we?

The veranda setting..It rained heavily earlier and the rain came right in despite some kind of shed.

Wild honey has been around for quite a while and have now opened their 2nd branch at the spanking Scotts Square ( where Scotts Shopping Center used to be ) Wild honey is well known for its extensive breakfast menu from around the world and some friends sang praises for the food there.

It was our first visit and couldn't wait to bite into that egg benedict :) which we have heard much about. Oh, it was also our first visit to Scotts square and it was scarily quiet and rather empty at 3pm on a wkday. Like Ion Orchard, Scotts Sq too have a 'scent' to it. Perhaps it is to evoke some emotions or feelings in shoppers..and make them part with their money once they enter this rather up market mall :P

Wild honey occupy a unit on the 3nd level. I can;t help but notice the old school tiles they have in the cafe and tables were quite nicely spaced out. Everyone has their own private space.

Took a while for us to decide and eventually we had two breakfast sets and a dessert to share.

Here's the European set.

Delicious hollandaise sauce over the poached egg
One bite and you are in heaven.... and that was my first time eating egg benedict! :P

Our second set was the Tunisian breakfast set.

More eggs! Those eggs were cooked in a tomato based stew with sliced sausages. It was served with two slices of toast and a side of salsa. It was pure joy to dip the bread into the stew and the flavours of the dish just explode in your mouth...

Lastly, here's our dessert.. Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream

Crunchy apples and tart goes well with the ice to share :)

We had a lazy afternoon that day eating and talking..

I'll be back to try out the other breakfast sets!

6 Scotts Road
Level 3 Scotts Square S228209
6636-1816 * they do take reservations at Scotts Square *

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