Thursday, December 22, 2011

Late late lunch at Casa Verde Botanic Gardens

Can you believe it!? It's just 3 days to Christmas! I wasn't expecting this year to pass by so quickly! Too many things has happened to me and also too many things didn't turn out how I wanted it to be :P

Just before we kiss 2011 goodbye, we have to celebrate what a year it has been and also spreading the Christmas cheer around!

As Alex was sweating running around the track for his IPPT test, I met up with good friend June for some munch at Botanic Gardens. With the new circle line opening, it makes going to the Gardens much easier for us :) It was pouring the whole afternoon and we were bouncing messages on whatsapp , contemplating whether to go to another location for our early dinner. As it turns out, the weather is good to us! It stopped raining when we arrived at the Gardens! Yeah!

There are DIY Xmas trees decorated by 
various organistations lining the pathway 

This is my first time entering from this side of the gardens. I have never walked to this part b4. I guess it's newly paved out for the MRT station. It's near the Jacob Ballads Kids Garden. 

These pretty flowers caught 
our attention!


There are a few restaurants in the Gardens itself.
The one we headed to is near the Visitors' Center
The walk took us about 20 mins
We trod carefully as the roads were wet and also 
we stopped to snap photos :D 

Here we are~ 

 We were there eating and talking 
from day light to sunset!

Casa Verde
( part of the Les Amis group)

 Can only sit indoors 
during dinner time..

Will go back for the pizzas !
It's cooked in the wood stove

Here's us with our food.. 
check out the different background
Mine's the inside of the restaurant while June's 
back facing the garden

I am famsished!
This seafood pasta is both my
lunch and dinner :P

 June had the breakfast set! 4.45 pm ! haha

Came with two slices of bread

food was decently yummy.. 
but as for service.. hmm..
All we wanted were two glasses of ice water 
at the end of our meal..
We had to remind them 3 times before we get to drink it! 
Yes,  people started streaming in for dinner at 6.15pm..
but it was not that packed..

We went for a stroll after our meal
It was a lovely evening!
Very cooling and very relaxing 

All ready for X'mas!

This is just right outside the restarunt.
It has such a nice feeling to it!
Everything is perfect..the tall trees, 
the lited trees and weather!

I love Xmas!
This is the plastic container 
from a mineral bottle!
has been recycled as lighting 
and decoration for the trees!
 Christmas is in the air!

 We almost got lost as one part of the way
back to the mrt station was rather dark..
so we took a different route :P

but eventually made our way out :D 

Thanks for the lovely gifts my friend!


Love them all ~! 

Nassim Gate Visitor Centre,
Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Road
Contact: (65) 6467-7326
Takeaway Pizza Hotline (65) 6475-5355

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