Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reminiscing Toa Payoh Garden

How many of you actually know that there is a park/garden in Toa Payoh Central? It used to be one of the parks we would visit when I was a child. I remembered taking some photos there..hope I can find those pictures :)

Some of you may know that Toa Payoh is almost like a 2nd home to me. Here's why!
  • Was born in Thomson Hospital( defunct) which was located at Toa Payoh Rise
  • Paternal grandma used to stay there, as well as quite a few other aunts
  • One of my maternal aunt is still staying there
  • Stayed at my aunt's for 1 yr when I was in sec.1
  • Worked there for 4 years
  • Have friends residing there
  • Just 10 mins away from my place
With all the above reasons, you can say that I am somewhat familiar with Toa Payoh .

When Toa Payoh bus interchange and HDB Hub was undergoing construction works ( 1999) , the temporary interchange had to 'eat'into the garden's space.

The last I visited the garden was many many years ago. Just last week, for no reason, I went over to the garden for a stroll.

Truly brought back memories!

After all my visits, I have never
climbed up this viewing tower b4 :P

Anybody wanna climb with me?

Found this old pic from
National Archives of Singapore
The viewing tower and the park
were undergoing construction

Can you see those two prominent point blocks ?
That's where the library is located
and those two point blocks once served as
accommodations for the South East Asia Peninsular
(SEAP) Games competitors and officials

Clearer pic of the blocks and
the old bus interchange
that's where HDB Hub is located now

Pic of a bus leaving the interchange...
Must have been in the early 80s

The park is very quiet and peaceful
at 3pm

These hexagon stone 'deco'/ barrier (?)
must have been more than 30 yrs!

These stone seats have been here for years!

In the past, many couples would come here for their
wedding photo shoot :)

back in those days!

Have you ever been to Toa Payoh Garden?
Go for a stroll one of these days if you have not!

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