Friday, November 11, 2011

The Ones who had early dinner at Nakhon Kitchen

When the entire village around you have already eaten at Nakhon know it's time that you have to eat there at least once too! Call me copycat..but I have been craving for tom yum soup for the longest time..( since my toothache and food poisoning ) and which better day to go than when your boyfriend has an early day off from work!

I have witnessed the queue at this place and we really don't want to be caught in one. So , being the first at the Kovan outlet at 5.20 pm was great! It was early dinner for us. Service was okay. We sat at one of the tables outside while the servers were inside preparing to pull up the shutters for business. At 5.25pm, a lady came to take our orders and ushered us to a table inside when they were opened. Service was very prompt. Water was served and food appeared on our table in a blink of an eye! Very fast indeed~

* we kinda over ordered :P *

Mango salad
ooh..sour! love it..
they are very generous with the serving~

What I have been craving for!
It was okay when I first taste it..
Boyfriend kindly told me it is potent..
I said..okay mah.

The more I drank, the spicier it gets!
Coupled with the rest of the spicy dishes,
I was drowning myself in water at the end!

Pineapple rice..
found it so so

Both of us love this
Phai thai tang hoon

Green curry beef
Not too sweet ..good enough for me..
has beans, eggplants and some strange
bitter tasting green peas..

His "spa drink" ice lemongrass tea
and my thai ice tea

It was overall a good dinner..
Had to almost crawl out coz was
very full !

true we sat there eating, more and more
people and families started to trickle in
We went for a stroll around kovan area
and when we went pass Nakhon at about 6.45pm..
the tables were already filled and about 4 couples
were waiting in line!

Nakhon Kitchen
Operating Hours: 12 – 3pm,
5.30 – 10pm

Blk 212 Hougang Street 21
Singapore 530212
Tel: 6286 8785

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