Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Ones who had late lunch at The Drips Bakery Cafe

How many cafes are there in Tiong bahru estate? I forsee more to mushroom up soon!
Yet another one has opened for business in this recently chic enclave :P

Drips Bakery Cafe

Step into a rather spacious shop front with living room setting after the cake corner and coffee brewing section.. beyond the living room section is a very simple setting of tables and colorful stools with sky light windows allowing light to illuminate the area

It can get quite noisy at the back area as ceiling is low .. but the chairs and tables at the back area is more suited to be seated if you rather not bend over the low tables in the 'living room setting'. It would be nice to sit at the living room area if I am just sipping coffee and eating cakes.
And the living room area is better if you want to chit chat with a few friends :)

So here are what we ordered for our late lunch.. ( 2.30pm )

Drinks : Drips Shaken Ice Lemon Tea ( 2 / 5)

I would say.. skip it! It's really not nice.. my bf said it's like drinking ice water with lemon in it.. was just that! never mind if there are some foam floating on top..there is no hint of sweetness or sourish taste to this drink whatsoever . Maybe I chose the wrong drink on the menu..

Latte (2.5/5)
My bf is a latte drinker.. he said it was just passable..had better elsewhere..

all day breakfast set : Blackforest ham with scrambled eggs ( 4/5)

The set has ham with zucchini in it, side of half a baked tomato with black pepper and some leafy veg . the slices of toast was great! Spread with butter and sugar..was really good. Scrambled eggs was okay.. overall was tasty!

Sandwich : Turkey breast ham sandwich (4/5)

I love the slight hint of wasabi in the bread..has generous serving of ham and veg. First bite into it was awesome.. or was it becoz I was hungry!? hahaa.

Both of us wiped out everything on our plate.

dessert : Cherry brandy tart ( 3/5)

first bite was ooh sooooo sweet! but thankfully subsequently it got better ..gotta eat it with the tart. I suppose the cherries were soaked in brandy before..doesn't have a strong brandy taste..but you can vaguely taste it .

It was quite packed when we were there..service was okay..i think the owner got her sons? to help out? The boys look rather young..

some paintings at where we were seated..

This is how the place looks like...
( picture credit : Drips Bakery Cafe )


Am not sure when I will be back again..
Maybe next year?

There are just too many new cafes to try !


This is an estate I would love
living in..
but guess not!
the apartments here are more than 40 yrs old
and most of them cost $1 Mil and above

I want this too!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice cafe.

Eileen. 静 said... is nice :D