Saturday, November 05, 2011

The One who revisted Universal Studios with Mr Toh

26 Oct 2011
Universal Studio Singapore

It was just 2 days short of Alex's birthday and what a better way to have a pre birthday celebration than to spend it at USS!

It was his first time visiting USS...and my 2nd time :D We were joined by Alex's colleague and girlfriend.. the same couple that we went on Star cruise :)

Well, the place didn't change much..but some of the attractions were 'upgraded' :) Oh! I am so proud of myself too! Nah! I would never ever ride on Battlestar Galactica ..but I managed to complete most of the rides in the park! I have prepared to get drench at the Lost world rapid adventure ride but alas! it was closed for upgrading!

The worst ride that day was a close fight between the Lost world canopy ride and Revenge of the Mummy in Ancient Egypt. For the Canopy ride, we were strapped down in what I thought look like ski chairs..with legs dangling in the air .

As a bystander looking up at the ride, it seems very mild and almost harmless. I was thinking it should be a fun ride being able to look at the area high up.. Boy was I wrong.. It set off very calmly, and I was telling Alex it should be a smooth and easy ride..just as I said that, the ride suddenly sped up..and it was turning quite fast at some corners ~!

I can feel my heart beat increasing and adrenaline accelerating! It was yet another roller coaster ride in disgust! It was fun and yet at the same time horrible! I was screaming through out.. You can imagine my relieve when it was over .

Next was the Revenge of the Mummy in Ancient Egypt. I was almost pulled in by Jandy and Melvin during my first trip there last year.. Melvin was all praise for that ride.. Jandy and Irene even went on it twice! Even Christine said I have to ride on it..and she too sat twice.. :s

I need no coaxing this time round.. I though since it was already my 2nd time at USS...I just had to give it a go..

It was a pretty long queue for this ride..and as we were approaching our turn..I got more and more afraid.

Alex was assuring me it wouldn't be that bad..and was holding on to my hand the whole time. My nightmare started after 2 mins into the ride.... the roller coaster went forward and came to a sudden halt at one of the animation walls..and after that, it just went backwards almost instantly. I screamed! They screamed! It was just bad! And it went forward again..and it was pitch black darkness from then on.. at one point in time, it just jolted at a turn and I felt as if I was falling out of the chair~! My heart was racing and my left hand clenched tightly at Alex's. I screamed till my throat was dry at the end :P Our lady friend was so frighten that she actually teared..the poor girl..

So yes, the worst ride for the day was awarded to the mummy roller coaster ride..

Now..time for photos~

One of the props for
Halloween :)

Hello Alex..
are you up there..?
He and Kok Ban went for this
while we ladies waited for them..
It was scary for the both of them..

Another attraction was
photo taking with the characters!

Love this pic!

Kok ban and Sherry..

The big eyed cutie bit me!

The transformer ride
will be ready by December :P

Group photo

We all went home happy but tired

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