Monday, November 14, 2011

The Elephants are in town! - Elephant Parade Singapore

The Elephants Are Here!!

Have you notice the pretty elephants that are scattered all over our little island? Open your eyes! They are in the CBD, they are at the shopping malls, they are along the streets! I adore them!
Each of these elephants are painted differently :) There are about 160 of them :D

These elephants are here on a mission : ( excerpts from )
Elephant Parade’s concept is a unique combination of Art, Business and Charity. Art drives the value of the Elephant Parade: the life size elephant statues are exhibited in well-known cities and auctioned off at prestigious gala events. Smaller size hand painted limited edition replicas are sold in ‘Elephant Parade Gallery Stores’ and the web shop. The more superior the quality of the Art, the more successful the Business, the higher the amounts raised for Charity.

Elephant Parade is not a charity, but it is probably the most charitable enterprise in the world. Part of all proceeds from Elephant Parade auctions and retail benefits various projects and organizations, dedicated to the conservation of the Asian elephant. To date, this unique concept made it possible to contribute over 4 million Euros to this goal, and is put to good use in projects varying from elephant hospitals and corridors to lobbying governments and research.
Many Asian elephants have been saved and cured, but there are still thousands more that need our support.

To find out more :

Here are some shots i took of the elephants :)

Lots of creatures on this one!

Love this one!
Pretty cabbage like flower on the back :P

this one is titled - Miss Malaysia
drawn by a Thai artist :)
It is wearing a head dress

one of my fav!!
Princess Ellie!

by Paul Smith

there are mini replicas being sold at Tangs!
Prices starts from $59

love this one!
Elephant with an identity crisis :D

Another one I like!
Dessert !

some facts about elephants!

  • Their pulse rate is 27.
  • The only mammal that can't jump is an elephant.
  • It is also the national animal of Thailand.
  • In a day, an elephant can drink upto 80 gallons of water.
  • Did you know back in 1916, an elephant was tried and hung for a murder?
  • An elephant can smell water three miles away.
  • Female elephants have a gestation period of 22 months. They give birth to a single infant referred to as a calf.
  • Elephants use their tusks to dig for water and roots as well as to protect from predators.
  • Elephants sleep mostly standing. They usually only sleep 4 to 5 hours per night.
  • An elephant's skin is extremely tough around most parts of its body and measures about 2.5 cm (1 in) thick.
  • Elephants have the largest brains in comparison to body weight than any other animal besides humans.

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