Sunday, October 30, 2011

The One who revistied Punggol Promenade

Punggol Waterfront on a gloomy cloudy day..

21 Oct 2011 Saturday.

Went for a impromptu walk since we have nothing plan that Saturday ( had food poisoning the day before...)

It rained briefly in the morning and looked as if it may just pour again before Mr Toh came by to fetch I wasn't really dressed for a walk * wore a long sleeves tee from mango * Thankfully the weather was kind to me ( not much sun !) and the material of the tee is rather thin..

We started walking from where the eateries and Popeye fast food is located. We went passed the red bridge that links to Lorong Halus Wetlands ( we did enter the wetlands when we detour back )

The 'river' u see behind us is the
Serangoon Reservoir

Dandelions! I have no idea that we have this in Singapore!

lots of gloomy clouds hovering around..
take the bridge to go over to the wetlands

Walk further and you will be able to see this
unique shelter

See those clouds?!
oh, I think the other side of the reservoir is Coney Island
( not able to go there yet..the connector is not ready )

Not too sure how many of these shell like shelters
there are along this stretch...

there is this whole undeveloped area just right
behind the shelter

take another route and you will reach this area..

We went around it and turned back
to visit the wetlands

pretty and colorful flowers

Saw these creepers like flowers


There is a lili pond at the wetlands

And a whole plantation of
Cat tails!

This one here is waiting
to turn fluffy

this is what happens!
They are ready to disperse and be pollinated

no idea what are they called.

Hello furry one...
happy eating~

There are lots you can do at this place...
go take a look for yourself soon!

The other side of the Waterfront..
near the Pouggol MRT Station

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