Saturday, October 29, 2011

The One at Punggol Waterway Fiesta

Event : Punggol Waterway Fiesta
Date : 23 October 2011

After ten years or so, Punggol town is finally looking good! Do you know I once had the chance of staying in Punggol? Yes, many years ago when the gov.announced how they would be developing this sleepy swampy far far away area to a bustling new town with water sports features , our family went ahead to apply for it. My two aunts too applied . All three families managed to get the flats..and on the day to select our flats, the adults decided to pull out ..

Even before the selection, most of us were lamenting how far Punggol is from schools and work places.. and after weighting the pros and cons.. we decided not to stay in Punggol afterall..

Oh's better I we are all very used to the convenience of a hawker center just 1 min away, and an NTUC 3 mins away from home..

Punggol has indeed come a long way... and you can see how much $$ has been poured into transforming this place :P

Here are some pics of the Pouggol Waterfront :)

it's located near the Punggol MRT station

The waterfront is linked to the reservoir
and it is 4.2km in all!

We have been there twice and still have not covered the whole place..
We are left with about 20% of the place to see :P

We took part in the hand in hand wave
* rather silly..*
1000 persons or so hand in hand in a straight line
doing the Kallang wave

That's Glenn Ong demostrating
how to do the wave
( n an uncle video taping his wife
doing it. -_-'')

After that we got a goodie bag...

the very lovely sunset and clouds
with the open space, it's a great place
for cloud watching!

Here's a little history

waterfall walk way..
very nice!

It's really a great place for walks, jogs and bike rides :)
Great place for everyone in the family!

Here are some other photos we took the day before :)

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