Sunday, October 02, 2011

Eileen Cooks : Marmite Chicken & Fried Vermicelli

It was a Thursday.
I just felt like cooking .
And I did.
Marmite Chicken Drumlets

Fried Vermicelli with pork, cabbage n bunashimeji mushroom

I didn't want to eat in.

I want to see the sea...

So dinner was at Labrador Park .

Sitting prettily in my food container..before entering our tummies

My guinea pig tugging into his dinner... No worries,
he is still well alive after that meal.

Don't say that Eileen only eats.. she can cook too.. :P

With more encouragment, she can whip up a party someday .


Chrissy said...

yeah...and I am waiting for that to happen!! maybe cook for ian's 1st birthday party? wahhaha

Eileen. 静 said...

no need to wait so long lah..haahha.. let's plan for picnic then i cook this lor :P