Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eileen Eats- Tanyoto Steamboat

Have you bought any discounted vouchers online? I did, quite a few in fact..mostly of food :P

This is the 2nd last voucher I bought within these few mths. It's one of the best I must say as the food served was really really fresh and quite a lot for 2 girls in fact :)

$29.90 nett per person for Tayoto steamboat at Liang Court was the deal. I asked Wei ting along that evening.

The sliced fish and augus sliced beef were very nice. We were able to create our own sauces too :)

leafy green, golden mushroom
& cold dish spicy chicken

the soups: fish and ma la
fish soup is wonderful!
the ma la is acceptable but
we try not to dip our food in that pot :P

nice augus beef

Our 'main course'
Sliced fish.. we can't finish :P

love these balls hahaha
fish, beef, pork
freshly made

Not in the photos: Bean curd sheet sheets 腐竹
and noodles

It was a tummy filling dinner! We ate and chatted
for 2 hours :P

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