Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The one who ate Ramen Champion at Illuma

Ramen Champion at Illuma : 6 different ramen stalls to try out!

ordering system is like that of marche.

Diners will be given this card at the entrance.
it works just like marche.

As we were quite hungry plus we had to wait in line for about
15 mins, I kinda just ordered from the stall with one of the shortest que.


Ikkosha ramen. Nice thick slices of char siew..
broth was nice at first..
but there is a slight change in consistency and taste as time passes.

left some for Alex.
the noodles are the thin type

Alex chose a stall with a rather long que! :P


Their No. 1 Ramen
Toyama Black Shoyu Ramen .
noodles is thicker than the one i tried.
soup is like 'lor mee ' taste.. braised. :P

The six different chefs and their noodles
we tried 2...4 more to go!

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