Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Cambridge Satchel is here!

Yes~ the bag I have been waiting for ( over 30 days since purchased online) is finally here! Just in time for my birthday too if I may add :)

Vintage and navy :D

The smell of the leather is lovely .. and I love the sturdiness of the bag

I am quite conservative when it comes to colors instead of following the current fashion trend of having the satchel in bright neon colors, I chose a classic brown . It's timeless and also can be carried by a guy :)

If you are wondering, I got mine in 14 inches . It fits A4 size perfectly :) I will post in another entry of the items one can fit in this bag :)

This bag is fully handmade which explains the long wait for it. I am glad this bag came without any noticeable flaws. But yeah, if you look close enough, there is some misalignment ..but it's fine with me..not a big issue.

Another issue some girls have with this bag is the buckle. It isn't like those bags that comes with a magnetic buckle. This one is real. As in you have to unhook the buckles to open the flap of the bag.. so what I did was not to push the pin into the buckle .. I can still close the flap and easily slide the belts out of the buckles.

Whatever it is..I like this bag!! Thanks dear Alex for this early birthday present!! * big big hugs*

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Anonymous said...

I love the satchel! Looks great on you and would be very handy to carry documents I suppose. And leather lasts forever haha. Can't wait to see what you wear with it!