Sunday, April 10, 2011

Singapore biennale 2011- Old Kallang Airpor

We were there 2 weekends ago and spent almost 3 hours at this place. Do bring along an umbrella , bottled water n wear breathable cooling clothes as this place is not air conditioned . Expect lots of walking as well as the exhbits are sprawled over three buildings. There is a toast box at one of the blocks so you can find some respite there .. but be warned, there is no air con as well :D

Here are some pictorial highlight of the exhibits at the Old Kallang Airport .

we went up to the tower

have always love spiral staircases
couldn't go up as it was

One of the artist built a German barn in the dilapidated hanger . It was completed with 2 barn boys dressed in German barn suspenders! Oh, there is also a sheep too :P ( fake la)

say hello to woolly :P

barn helpers?
nah...just some kids
playing with the hay

here's a peek inside

can u imagine
the hanger's former glory?
propeller planes line up in a row perhaps

Michael Lin bought an entire hardware store
and put the items up for display

I love those old bowls :P

very very interesting and tongue in cheek
finding meaning and write a tag line for the item
or something the artist sees..

Paper buildings...
made of cardboard

love the details

intruder :P

The biennale is on till the 15 May,
I will be checking out the other
exhibits in the other venues :)

* see the links below for previous Biennale :) *

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