Saturday, March 05, 2011

A trip to Botanic and Orchid Gardens

Date : 27 Feb 2011

When was the last time you visited the Botanic Gardens? Or you have never been there before?

It's a beautiful place to spend a day in with family and friends. I have been there many times as a child on family picnic trips and it was also the place where my first bf and I went on our first date!

We met at and this first bf.. both of us were doing a short stint ( temp job) at a now defunct insurance agency. He was tall and look slightly older than his age back then.

Anyway~! haha.. back to last Saturday! A friend suggested paying a visit to the gardens as he has never been there. ( new to our island)

Here are some photos I took while touring the gardens :)

Swan lake..
but where are the swans?

have yet to spot the real ones..
but are some
metal ones :P


The swan is hiding under the tree...

Remember this grand old dame?
My aunts and mum have taken photos at
this old gazebo when they were younger :)

Thousand bananas!

lots of tiny tiny

let's take a look at
some hybrid orchids

This is my favorite!
It has a face :D

This one has whiskers :P

Slipper orchid

A bigger slipper hehe

These are called white fairy

Singaporean orchid..

it's strange how we didn't manage to spot
vanda miss joaquim -_-''

Pitcher Plant


Another lake..
families love to feed the fishes and tortoises here

Can you see the tortoises all lined up
inside the recess to sun bathe!?

close up..
how cute is that~

there they are..
swimming by to say hello

The wonders of nature...
look at this plant..
see how it twirls..

I had a peaceful calm afternoon..
it would have been better if
I had taken some pictures of myself that day..

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