Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hop Bunny Hop!

I spent the first day of the Wabbit year with the same bunch from reunion dinner. It has been a quiet new year for us ... I kinda like it this way. No need for pretentious small talk.. no need to put on my fake smile and no need to entertain people I don't like! :P

God is good... He gave us a bright sunny day!

We traded poker cards for
yet more monopoly deal!

Hope your wabbit year
has been good so far!

have some 年糕~~


2nd day of the New Year

We finally continued with our yearly tradition of gathering at Lynn's place with the girls. These gal friends are the ones who have been there for me when I was down and out..and they are the ones who shared my joys during those wild and fun 20s :P

Feb 2011
( Joey's children next to me.. )

rewind to few yrs back..
same living room..same sofa..
I dare say I look so much better now!! hahaha

See how hideous I looked in that dress?
I have never wore it again since..

Cute Vivia

I have never done this b4..
but here it is!
taken in the lift :P

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