Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whatsapp works for me!! :)

It has been ages since I have manage to cap my SMS below 500!

I was overjoyed when I saw my hand phone bill last week as the SMS has been significantly reduced!

I have to say the credit goes to the Iphone app-- Whatsapp!

A good amount of my close and good friends are on Whatsapp. It has been a ' life saver' of sort. I send an alamring amount of messages on Whatsapp. It runs on the data plan and seriously, I have been told that no one has ever max out on the data plan.

Of coz if you are the sort that has unlimited free SMS then this app is not really for you, but hey.. you can still download it and help some of your friends save some $$~ ! . Some of my friends with Iphone or other smart phones refuse to get the app as they say they hardly even used up their monthly 500 free SMS. WOW! ok..good for them! I have been max-ing out on mine for the longest time :P

So yeah.. Whatsapp works for me!

My bill in Nov '10
Whopping 622 SMS
( this is considered 'low' ,
it has ever hit 800)

I was happy to see this
463 SMS in Jan '11!

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Modery said...

I managed to go over the data limit before....but I was connecting my iPhone to my laptop at home for a month or so, and had a lot of downloads (applications, games) at that time.....

whatsapp is also great if you've got friends/family overseas. Instead of spending even more money on global SMS, you can do it for free!
Not to mention that you can send pictures for free to anyone (locally&globally) :)